Palm Fruit Shield Separator Series PFS50T Processing Tools You Never Seen Before By JF Technics InnovationEngineer VIDEOS 1.  2.  3.  4. The palm oil business is commonly overlooked. Palm oil is the most consumed edible oil worldwide, as it is a popular food ingredient in Africa and some parts of Asia (such as in Malaysia and Indonesia).   Palm oil is in greatest demand in West Africa, where it is used in almost every home for cooking and few other purposes. But in spite of this, the region produces less than 5% of the palm oil produced worldwide. Malaysia and Indonesia are the world’s largest producers and exporters of the commodity. There are many ways to make money from palm oil, depending on how much capital you have. If you have little capital, you can buy and sell palm oil in bulk quantities. But if you have huge capital, you can start a palm oil processing company or a palm kernel extraction plant, which is by far the most lucrative palm oil business. If you are interested in setting up a palm oil processing company, the JFTech are the partners you need to take. JFTech has been working for last ten years in developing processing tools. Here proudly presence to you..., The PALM FRUIT SHIELDS SEPARATOR SPF50T SERIES. . . . . . . . . . PFT50T produce up to 50 Tonages/Hour. Separating Palm Fruit into 1. Rough Waste 2. Rough Palm Fruits Shields 3. Fine Palm Fruits Shields 4. Palm Nuts and Kernels PFT50T firstly installed in Jambi, a province of Indonesia. It is located on the east coast of central Sumatra. Spent 3 (three) months worked, finally its run smoothly and started producing. PFT50T mostly built using Stainless Steel, Provide a skillfull operators and Fully support by JFTech professional Engineers.   Watch our recorded Video to find more information about this Highly efficient Processing Tools. NEED OTHERS PROCESSING TOOLS? FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.   JF Technics Provides a Customs Processing and Productions Tools
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